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How to send email to many recipients? Better Email Marketing

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How to send email to many recipients? Better Email Marketing

Let us learn the better email marketing approach in sending email to many recipients. Mass email is a sensitive topic as it may fall into spam email. Whether the mass email is spam or not, depends on the recipient list. If the recipients are genuinely keen to receive announcements, updates, latest promotions, to name a few from you, these are NOT spam. However, even with genuine email recipient list, using the right approach to reach out to them matters. After all, we want these recipients to successfully hear from us.

Sending via CC or BCC is wrong

You may find it convenient to use your existing email service, such as Business Email Hosting to send mass email. Do not copy & paste your email recipients into the BCC (or worse, CC) of your Outlook email client. Sending mass email via this approach will invite trouble to your hosting provider and yourself.

  1. Hosting provider’s IP address may be blacklisted. If one or several email recipients report your email as spam, your hosting provider’s IP address will be blocked via RBL. In return, your hosting provider may suspend your service for non-compliance to their Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Blacklist of your domain name. Some RBL may choose to blacklist your domain name. When this happens, it is very costly to go through the process of removing your domain name from the black list.
  3. Ban from the email service. Cloud providers like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace actively scans outbound email for potential spam. If they discover your bulk email activities, they may block you entirely.
  4. Normal, ordinary emails may fail. If either (1) or (2) above happens, your normal emails may fail to work. Instead of reaching your recipients’ Inbox, these emails may be bounced or enter their spam folder.

Send Email to Many Recipients with a better Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing Platforms, such as the Mailzetta allows you to send email to many recipients without all the risks above. Here are five (5) key reasons why this is the right approach:

  1. IP Address is different from your ordinary email service. Email marketing platforms have their own set of IP pools. This means that you do not have to worry about IP blacklist by RBL. Additionally, the IP pools ensure that the IPs are always “clean” to reach your email recipients successfully.
  2. Protection for your domain name. Email marketing platforms remove the risks of your own domain name being blocked by the RBLs. The reason is because your domain name do not appear directly to the RBL.
  3. Compliance to email marketing standards. There are certain email marketing standards email server globally accept. For instance, the <adv> tagline, the unsubscribe link, to name a few. Email marketing platform ensures your emails comply to these standards at all time.
  4. Send email without limits. Do you know that Microsoft 365 has a 1,000 recipient limit, or maximum 10,000 recipients daily and 30 messages per hour? Likewise, Google Workspace limits you to 3,000 recipients daily and 2,000 emails per day. Email marketing platforms usually do not have this limit.
  5. Better insights over your mass email. You can immediately tell who is no longer keen to hear from you (via unsubscribe) and who is particularly keen to know everything about you (via metrics like time spent reading your email; click rates, etc). You can also manage bounced email easily too. In short, you will know everything about your bulk email campaign after you send it.


Email Marketing Platforms are better email marketing tools for you. Do not use your ordinary email service to send email to many recipients. The risks are simply not justifiable.

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