Cloud Server Security Hardening

cloud server security hardening

Cloud Server Security Hardening should be on every IT department’s main checklist whether for new system setup, or an information security inspection onto existing system that has been commissioned and in operation. What should be the standards or benchmark of reference for how secured the platforms are?  (more…)

Choosing the best SSL Certificate

cheapest best SSL certificate

SSL Certificate (or in full name Secure Socket Layer Certificate) are no stranger to online users today, as SSL Certificate is known as giving the ‘https’ ability to websites to secure the data being transferred from users’ computers to the webserver. This article aims to help you select the best SSL Certificate for your website by assessing the various considerations. (more…)

Why should you consider Fully Managed cPanel Cloud Server?

fully managed cpanel cloud server

Let’s go in-depth to find out the benefits and reasons why you should consider Fully Managed cPanel Cloud server! No matter how many websites you have, we believe you have only one set of objectives for your websites :- better reliability (or uptime), better security and better performance (or speed). And these are the objectives to be achieved through a Fully Managed cPanel Cloud Server! (more…)

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