Email Server Problem Solved!

email server problem solved

This article shares the common email server problem solved by us which took place at our own server, or our email recipients’ servers. Whenever an email is sent, no one likes the feeling of receiving a bounced back email message, which usually contains languages and terminologies that do not seem to mean anything to layman — but these bounced back email messages contain the most useful information ever, for system administrators like ourselves to distill, diagnose and rectify, then get the email server problem solved! (more…)

Why SSL Certificate for Email Hosting Server?

ssl certificate for email server

Have you ever wondered why do you need SSL Certificate for Email Hosting Server? This is a question that has been asked for numerous times both by our prospective customers or even existing customers, who are considering the use of SSL Certificate to protect themselves better.  (more…)

SSL Certificates: Symantec, DigiCert & Chrome

ssl certificate, symantec, digicert, google chrome

SSL Certificates used on websites are supposed to bring credibility and reliability to websites that use them. However, it appears that Google has detailed its plan to drop out support of Symantec-issued certificates in Chrome, on the irony basis that the way Symantec issued these SSL Certificates were questionable.  (more…)

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