Email Server Problem Solved!

email server problem solved

This article shares the common email server problem solved by us which took place at our own server, or our email recipients’ servers. Whenever an email is sent, no one likes the feeling of receiving a bounced back email message, which usually contains languages and terminologies that do not seem to mean anything to layman — but these bounced back email messages contain the most useful information ever, for system administrators like ourselves to distill, diagnose and rectify, then get the email server problem solved! Continue reading “Email Server Problem Solved!”

Is Office 365 suitable for my company? Email Hosting in detail

Together with the release of Microsoft Office 2013, Office 365 was officially launched on 27th February 2013. Since then, the sales of Office 365 soared globally and gained its popularity and market share with exponential growth, thanks to the product’s ability to leverage onto Microsoft Office’s branding, which is widely used and preferred in most business environments. How does it fit into Singapore corporate email hosting arena?

This blog post aims to explore the suitability of Office 365 in most Small Medium Businesses, with particular focus on its Email Hosting features. As a Microsoft CSP Partner, SecureAX offers Office 365 as well but the goal of this post is to let our readers evaluate their choices from a neutral perspective, in making the best decision that suits the company the most. Continue reading “Is Office 365 suitable for my company? Email Hosting in detail”