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Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network CDN

Make your Websites Load Faster with one of the best Global CDN networks with strong Singapore POP and peering

Singapore CDN

Key features at a glance

Full Service

Our Full Service CDN ensures full & tight integration between our CDN and your website

High Speed

Our Global CDN Network and strong Singapore POP give you the fastest network speed

Cost Effective

There is no number of CDN requests fee, no overcharge for unwanted traffic and no hidden fees

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Let us help you with a Full Service CDN to improve your website speed and reduce unexpected bandwidth upgrade costs!

    Frequently Answered Questions

    Do I need to use a CDN for my website?
    If your website receives high traffic, loads slower than expected or is constantly hitting the hosting server resource limit (CPU/RAM/Bandwidth), you should consider our CDN services
    How is your CDN different from the other CDN providers?
    The strongest differentiator for SecureAX CDN is, we do not just deliver the product to you. We deliver a complete solution which includes tight integration with your website, monitor for speed improvement, monitor and mitigate offensive traffic, to name a few.
    Do I still have HTTPS on my website if I use SecureAX CDN?
    Yes, we will ensure that SSL / HTTPS works while CDN is implemented.
    Will CDN improve my SEO?
    Yes, a fast-loading website reduces visitor bounce rate, which in turn helps improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)!