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Email Archiving Solutions

Email Archiving Solutions

Keep Your Email Forever Compatible with ALL email servers

Email Archival Solutions

Key features at a glance

Backup All Email

Safely keep both incoming & outgoing emails, for all email accounts within your organisation. The process is fully automated and transparent to all your email users!

Ransomware Protection

Safeguard all your emails from ransomware attacks. Restore any or all your emails in case of a successful ransomware attack on your email users' devices!

Universal Search

Powerful web-based email archival system allows you to search any email quickly, including the contents of the attachment

Export & Recovery

Export emails in PDF or any popular email formats from the email archival system. Perform disaster recovery of any emails or entire mailbox.

Low Storage Cost

Emails stored in email archival solutions are smaller than when they are in your mailbox, thanks to the robust compression and deduplication of email & attachments.

Secured Cloud

Store your emails securely in our cloud. Upgrade on-the-go with virtually no disk limit so your emails are safe forever for compliance or litigation purpose.

Highly Affordable

S$60 / user per year

Backup and store all your incoming and outgoing emails forever. Works with any email server
50GB Archival Space Per User
Combine total archival space for all users
Powerful Web-based Email Archival System

Frequently Answered Questions

What is Email Archival Solution?
Email Archival Solution allows all incoming and outgoing emails to be captured, for multiple or all of the mailboxes. These emails will be stored on our secured email archival servers, to ensure that they are temper-proof for any litigation or compliance needs. They are the ideal protection from ransomware or email data loss, since all these emails including their attachments are stored within our cloud facility, and are readily available to download in any formats, or to be recovered back into your mailboxes in case of any incident.
Is 50GB email archival space enough?
50GB email archival space per user is a good starting point for most organisations. If you subscribe to our Email Archival Solutions for more than 1 user, you can combine these email archival space, so your total archival space can be shared across all your users. For instance, if you subscribe to 100 users, you will have 100 * 50GB = 5,000GB of total archival space.
Is Email Archival better than Email Backup?
Email Archival captures all incoming and outgoing emails in real time. Email backup on the other hand, is done at certain time intervals for specific email folders. Additionally, email backup is normally for disaster recovery purpose. Email archival on the other hand, allows you to search any archived email easily through the web portal, without the need to restore any emails first.
Do I have to use your Email Hosting service with Email Archival?
No, our Email Archival Solution is compatible with any email servers. You may subscribe to our Email Archival and use it on your email service with the current hosting provider, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, to name a few.
How long can I archive my email for?
You can archive your email forever. All you have to do is to upgrade your email archival space with us, when you need them.
Do I need to subscribe for email account that has been deleted?
Yes, you will still need to subscribe for email archival, for email accounts that have been deleted because it is still considered as an active mailbox. However, you can choose to export out inactive mailbox data and have our team to purge the data and reduce license count, in order to reduce your subscription count.
Can I choose selective mailbox to archive?
Technically email archival covers all mailboxes under the same domain name. However we understand that not all email users require such feature therefore we are able to assist you with the customised solution. Do reach out to us for assistance!