How we speed up Magento website by 122 times faster!

magento speed up benchmark

If you own an eCommerce website, you have probably heard of all the good things about Magento but at the same time you might have also heard of the fact that Magento needs more than just the average web hosting account to run. Following our recent post on how to improve Magento website speed, we want to show you how we speed up Magento website by 122 times faster, in comparison to the average web hosting environment.  Continue reading “How we speed up Magento website by 122 times faster!”

Brute Force Attack Protection

brute force attack protection

Brute force attack protection can be quite simple if the nature of the attack is well understood. Since this is one of the most common online intrusion methods into cloud servers, let’s explore brute force attack into greater depth for your infrastructure security, as well as considering a free and useful tool for brute force attack protection! Continue reading “Brute Force Attack Protection”

Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server

fully managed directadmin cloud server

If you intend to host a few websites or email accounts within your own cloud server, you would imagine a LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTP, MySQL and PHP) server gives you the best value but this article proposes you an alternative with Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server. A Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server is probably much better than LAMP server that you thought! Continue reading “Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server”