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Virtual Queue

Virtual Queue

Protects high traffic website from crashes

Virtual Queue

Key features at a glance

Flexible Queue

Assign virtual queue number by First In First Out (FIFO), at Random or a hybrid of FIFO + Random that matches your marketing campaigns!

Un-skippable Queue

All queue tickets are validated and filtered via HMAC-SHA256 signature, cookies cannot be moved, to ensure 100% un-skippable queue

Bot Proof

Integrated browser fingerprinting and dynamic hashing are amongst the methods used to detect and prevent bot attack on queue

Cloud Native

Handles virtually no limits to the number of visitors to protect your application & server from crashes

Customisable UI & UX

The waiting room is fully customisable to enhance seamless and frictionless user experience

Developer Friendly

Speed up implementation time using REST API for control and analytics of the virtual queue

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    Frequently Answered Questions

    Do I have to use SecureAX cloud services?
    Absolutely not! SecureAX Virtual Queue is compatible with all cloud services and hosting services.
    How much traffic can SecureAX Virtual Queue handle?
    There is virtually no limit to the amount of traffic we can handle, as the Virtual Queue is built on our highly elastic, global content delivery network (CDN). We recommend you to take a look at our Case Study in the link below, for more information.
    How long does it take to implement SecureAX Virtual Queue?
    The implementation time greatly depends on your existing system information and traffic forecast availability, as well as your ability to grant us access to your system
    How secure is SecureAX Virtual Queue
    Our CDN and web application firewall partners are GDPR, PCI-DSS and HIPAA certified. In short, SecureAX Virtual Queue is very secured. We recommend you to take a look at our Case Study in the link below, for more information.

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