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WordPress Malware Removal

WordPress Malware Removal

Let us remove virus, malware & nasty threats from your WordPress website

Fix your hacked website with
our WordPress Malware Removal service!

Has your website been under attack? Is your website already infected with viruses & malware? Let us help you clean these threats immediately!

Infected websites affect your website reputation on Google thereby risking your Google search result ranking. Additionally, users’ web browsers will prevent them from entering your website therefore you will lose significant web traffic, if the infected website is left unattended. Engage us now to perform an in-depth scan and remove any threats that we discover on your WordPress website!

For preventative solutions, check out our Managed WordPress Hosting service, where we ensure your WordPress website is up-to-date all the time. If your WordPress website is hacked, we will help you clean them for FREE!

Step 1: Contact Us


Step 2: We clean your website

Step 2: We clean your website


Step 3: Prevention is better than cure


Contact us for a quote.

Let us do a quick scan on your hacked website and provide you with a quote to fix this hacked website within the same day!
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Frequently Answered Questions

How much does it cost?
Based on our past experiences, most websites can be cleaned for less than SGD$300. However, as every incident is unique, we do require you to provide us with your hacked website URL so we can quote you a rate that is specific to fixing your website.
How long does it take?
The cleaning usually takes a couple of hours, unless your website has been severely hacked and compromised.
Will my website be safe after the cleaning process?
After the cleaning process, our Engineers will run an in-depth scan again to make sure your website is clean and safe. However, it does not mean that your website will not be infected with viruses or malware again. Therefore, we recommend you to consider preventative solutions once your website is clean.
Do I need to use SecureAX Cloud or Hosting service?
We can clean any websites that are not hosted with us, as long as you can provide us with the login to your hosting control panel or FTP access