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Managed Amazon Web Services AWS

Managed Amazon Web Services AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed by SecureAX

Whether you need compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers services to help you build sophisticated applications. These services combined with SecureAX Fully Managed services, provide increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability, ensuring you can meet your business needs effectively.

Let us help you accelerate innovation on AWS by applying our expertise in cloud-native development, containerization, application modernization, AI/machine learning, IoT, optimization, and more.


Entrust us with all your cloud monitoring and patching needs with our Fully Managed option!

Advanced Monitoring

Allow us to oversee your cloud services using our advanced and comprehensive monitoring system to optimize your cloud uptime & costs!

Flat Cost

Instead of estimating your expenses with the AWS pricing estimator, we stabilize costs for you, ensuring you pay a fixed price.

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offerings

Turnkey Implementation

Allow us to plan and implement AWS solutions tailored to your objectives and budget. Our infrastructure build-out service includes setting up production and staging environments, enhancing security, and implementing and testing backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Our goal is to simplify the entire process of infrastructure implementation and management for you.

Migrate to AWS

Partnering with your team, we will guide you through understanding your options, identifying, developing, and implementing AWS solutions that meet your need and budget. We will also handle the migration and management of your AWS cloud solutions, allowing you to concentrate on higher value business decisions.

AWS Elastic Workload

Allow your cloud resources scale based on your application demand with AWS, the largest cloud service provider. Maximise the performance of your application with virtually no limits.

AWS Application Solutions

Run applications across any IT infrastructure with AWS improved scalability, reliability, and performance while adding new capabilities. Modernize your software with a cloud-native approach to development, data management, team collaboration, and processes.

AWS Data Solutions

Build a modern data platform or migrate to AWS data and analytics services for improved efficiency. Empower your data to make automated recommendations so you can streamline your decision-making process.

AWS Security Solutions

Enhance your security strategy with robust AWS security tools such as AWS Security Hub, AWS IAM Access Analyzer, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Shield, AWS WAF, and AWS Firewall Manager.

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Let us help you with your Amazon Web Services (AWS) implementations. We can design and build a multicloud solution that ensures you are getting the most out of your budget; manage, operate & optimise the day-to-day elements of your cloud environment; and unite all of your multicloud platforms to enable efficient governance, tagging and cost control throughout your entire IT operations.
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mullticloud strategy by secureax