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Email Security Gateway

Email Security Gateway

SpamZetta is an enterprise, cloud-hosted antispam and antimalware gateway that is secure, accurate and efficient.

Protect Your Email Users with SpamZetta

Everyday, more than 300 billion emails are sent globally, with more than 50% of the emails are spam emails. Spam emails, also referred to as junk email, are unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email.

While most people know how to deal with benign marketing spam emails from unscrupulous sellers (simply by ignoring, deleting or reporting as spam), the more threatening spam emails are those that attempt to break into your online accounts, steal your data, steal your money and spread malware. Most of the time, it is very difficult to distinguish the latter type of spam emails.

A good and reliable email security gateway, such as SpamZetta helps you filter away these suspicious and malicious email before they enter your Inbox. Protect your mailbox and prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC) today!

Totally Secure

Emails transmitted through SpamZetta are 256-bit encrypted as they are scanned for spam & malware. Any suspicious email that may contain spam, virus, phishing, harvesting and other malware attacks is immediately quarantined, to enhance the security of your mailboxes.

High Accuracy

SpamZetta utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and combines several industry-leading email security appliances, IP reputation databases and malicious email artificial intelligence systems to provide inbound filtering accuracy of up to 99.9%, with a false positive rate of less than 0.0001%.

High Compatibility

SpamZetta is fully compatible with all email servers and installation is as simple as updating MX Records for your domain name. All the heavy-lifting and resource intensive processes are powered by the cloud platform that runs SpamZetta and saves you money!

Protect Your Email Users

SpamZetta Email Security Gateway

Protect your email users and increase their productivity for your organisation and business with SpamZetta Email Security Gateway. SpamZetta has close to 100% filtering accuracy rate with these nasty spam email:
Protection for up to 100 Email Users
All sorts of spam / malicious email
Emails containing viruses
Emails containing malware
Phishing email
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection
and all emerging email threats!

Frequently Answered Questions

Will I stop getting spam emails completely?
A good email security gateway like SpamZetta needs to strike the perfect balance between minimising spam emails, and not giving false positive by filtering away genuine email that may appear like spam email. Therefore, you will receive significantly less spam emails with SpamZetta, but will still be getting some emails because the algorithm used by SpamZetta cannot be too strict and end up filtering away most of your emails.
Will more spam emails get into my mailbox over time?
No. SpamZetta uses spam intelligence that is built on industry-leading email security appliances and IP reputation databases. Moreover, its built-in artificial intelligence enables it to actively learn from millions of emails per seconds processed globally by these networked-intelligence systems. You should be continuously protected at all times!
Will SpamZetta help improve my email uptime and reliability?
Yes! If your email server is down, SpamZetta Cloud based spam filtering keeps the inbound email and resends to your email server again when it recovers, so you do not lose any emails during this period of time!
Do I need to use SecureAX email hosting to use SpamZetta?
No! You can keep using your existing email hosting service. We will give you the DNS record update so you can request your hosting provider to configure on their server, so all emails pass through our SpamZetta Email Security Gateway first before entering their servers. They will be more than happy to assist you because we can help them reduce their server workload!
Is SpamZetta compatible with on-premise email server?
Yes! SpamZetta is compatible with any on-premise self-hosted email servers (Exchange, Exim, Postfix, Zimbra, qmail, to name a few)
Is SpamZetta compatible with cloud based email server?
Yes! SpamZetta is compatible with any cloud-hosted email servers (Office 365, Gmail or G Suite, any web or email hosting provider, to name a few)
Can I manage the Blacklist & Whitelist email address or domain?
Yes, you will be able to do it within SpamZetta control panel.
Can I manage the email queue?
Yes, you will be able to do it within SpamZetta control panel.
Can SpamZetta support email size restriction management?
Yes, you will be able to do it within SpamZetta control panel.