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Cloud PBX Singapore

Cloud PBX Singapore

Reduce Your Company’s Phone Bill on Singapore Local Calls & International IDD Calls

Cloud PBX Singapore ensures that
you will never miss an important call

Cloud PBX Singapore is a cloud hosted PBX Phone System that helps you replace the traditional PBX systems in your office. Besides getting rid of the need to purchase and maintain expensive PBX systems for offices, there shall be no wiring installation needed within the office.

To use Cloud PBX Singapore service, all you need is an internet service (either fiber internet service or mobile data plans) and one of the following:

  • PC or Laptop with any modern web browsers: Sign into the Cloud PBX portal, start accepting incoming phone calls for FREE or make outgoing calls to anywhere in the world at cheap, discounted IDD rates.
  • Apple iPhone or Android Smartphones: All you need is to install the Mobile App, and that’s it!
  • Desk IP Phone: Desk IP phones can be setup for ease of using the service within offices


There is no worry over call failures due to faulty PBX systems or power outage in your office

Mobile App

Answer to incoming calls, or make outgoing cheap IDD calls directly from the Mobile App

Save Cost

Incoming calls are absolutely free, outgoing calls are cheaper than traditional phone services
cloud PBX Singapore

PBX System Hosted In The Cloud

Answer to Incoming Company Phone Calls from Anywhere

cloud pbx singapore answer calls anywhere
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Cloud PBX Singapore starts from S$120/month* with:
Up to 10 Phone Users
Ring Group & Welcome Message
Multi-level IVR
Call Queues
Call Recording
Listen Whisper Barge In
Call Reporting
Mobile App
Deskphone support

* Business SIP Trunk and Call Usage charges shall be billed separately by MyRepublic

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Frequently Answered Questions

What is the total cost to use Cloud PBX Singapore?
You will receive two bills for using Cloud PBX Singapore:
- One bill from us for the Cloud PBX service, which starts from S$120/month
- One bill from MyRepublic for their Business SIP Trunking and call usage charges, which starts from S$40/month

The exact bill charges may differ depending on the number of users, concurrent calls, or any special arrangement you need
Is there Caller ID available?
Yes, Caller ID is available.
Can you help me setup Welcome Message and Multi-level IVR?
Yes, for a one-time fee, we can help you design a multi-level IVR setup and a professional IVR voice recording service
Can I receive incoming phone calls while overseas?
Yes! As long as you have the Mobile App and mobile data service while overseas, you will be able to accept incoming phone calls for free
Can I make outgoing phone calls while overseas?
Yes! As long as you have the Mobile App and mobile data service while overseas, you will be able to make outgoing phone calls at the cheap MyRepublic IDD rate, without paying for mobile roaming charges
Can I use Cloud PBX Singapore without a physical office?
Yes! Unlike traditional PBX phone system, Cloud PBX does not require any hardware to be installed. You can use Cloud PBX without a physical office.