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Office IT Technical Support

Office IT Technical Support

Let us help you with your virus removal, PC & network configurations within your office

Office IT Technical Support for your business or company

We understand that not all companies are keen to recruit & retain their own in-house IT staff. However in today’s digital era, companies also face the dilemma of needing someone with the IT expertise, to ensure their core business operations can run smoothly, hence the PC, network & software must function without errors.

Our Office IT Technical Support service helps companies solve their PC, network & software problem on demand. This service is ideal for companies without their own in-house IT staff, knowing that we will always be there to solve their problems at a small & predictable fee, when they need help.

Fix PC

Outlook stopped working? Unknown errors on your computer? Let us fix them for you!

Fix Network

Problem with office networking? Office network under attack? Let us fix for you!

Cost Savings

Engage us only when there is an IT problem to be fixed. No service contract needed!

Our Support Plans No Contract Needed

Remote Support
  • Remotely Assisted
  • Office Hour Support
  • Limited to 1 Device Per Incident
On-site Support
  • Assistance at your Singapore Office
  • Office Hour Support
  • Limited to 30 Devices per Incident

Frequently Answered Questions

What is Remote Support?
With Remote Support, our engineers will access to your computer using secured software similar to Teamviewer, to help you troubleshoot and rectify the issue you reported to us. You will be able to observe all actions being done by our engineers on your computer. Our engineers will NOT show up at your office.
What is On-site Support?
With On-site Support, our engineers or appointed contractor will show up at your office in Singapore, to attend to the problem you are facing.
Is Office IT Technical Support only for your hosting customers?
Our Office IT Technical Support is open to all customers. There is no requirement to use our hosting service in order to engage our Office IT Technical Support service. Note that for email configurations, you will need to obtain the setup instructions from your hosting provider before engaging our service.
Is Office IT Technical Support included in your hosting plans?
No. All our hosting plans cover technical support on the server and datacenter network. For any issues within our customers' PC or office network, it should be fixed by our customers' own IT staff, or our Office IT Technical Support service will be suitable for customers without their own IT staff.
How certain will my IT problems be fixed if I engage you?
Before placing an order, please reach out to us to share the problems you face with us. Once we are made aware of the issues you are facing, we will confirm the job with you before you proceed with the order and payment, to engage us.