Tips to Protect from Ransomware

tips protect ransomware

The year of 2017 has been plagued with ransomware attacks. We had the massive infection of Wannacry ransomware in May and subsequently the Bad Rabbit ransomware that just came out few days ago. With the greater embrace of cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin and Ethereum that offer great anonymity for payment transactions, we can reasonably expect more ransomware to be spread in the wild through more and more creative ways to induce victims into falling prey as hackers have monetary motivation aided by cryptocurrencies. Continue reading “Tips to Protect from Ransomware”

Why should you consider Fully Managed cPanel Cloud Server?

fully managed cpanel cloud server

Let’s go in-depth to find out the benefits and reasons why you should consider Fully Managed cPanel Cloud server! No matter how many websites you have, we believe you have only one set of objectives for your websites :- better reliability (or uptime), better security and better performance (or speed). And these are the objectives to be achieved through a Fully Managed cPanel Cloud Server! Continue reading “Why should you consider Fully Managed cPanel Cloud Server?”

Fully Managed or Unmanaged Cloud Server?

fully managed unmanaged cloud server

You may be familiar with the terms ‘Fully Managed‘ and ‘Unmanaged’ services when you are sourcing for cloud servers. For everything to make business sense, cost is of essence. Is Unmanaged cloud server the cheapest option? Let’s find out which is the best consideration for your business! Continue reading “Fully Managed or Unmanaged Cloud Server?”