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Protect Yourself from FedEx & DHL phishing email

protect-yourself-from-fedex-dhl-phishing email

Protect Yourself from FedEx & DHL phishing email

Recently, Cybersecurity Researchers have identified the rising trend of phishing emails disguised as from FedEx & DHL Express, and is currently actively targeting Microsoft email users. It is certainly naive to assume that the phishing email will stop at only Microsoft email users, as clearly the Internet has no boundaries and soon enough companies of all sizes, including personal emails, will be broadly targeted by these hackers. Prevention is definitely better than cure. Before you fall victim to the phishing email, it is very important to ensure that you protect yourself from FedEx & DHL phishing email right now!.

What are Phishing Email?

Phishing email is a type of online scam or attack, where criminals impersonate legitimate organizations via email in order to steal sensitive information. Here are some samples of FedEx & DHL fake email – and they appear almost like the authentic ones to the untrained eyes!

sample of fake DHL email sample of fake FedEx email

Why FedEx & DHL?

The advent of globalisation and eCommerce popularity gave rise to growth in active logistics, especially big names such as FedEx & DHL. Since most individuals and companies have dealt with these big names before, or is expecting to receive items from these big names, hackers and scammers are able to leverage on the names everyone is familiar with, to launch their phish email attack.

Protect Yourself from FedEx & DHL phishing email

  1. The FREE Method – Educate all your email users to be vigilant when they receive emails from FedEx & DHL. Do not simply click onto these emails, and certainly do not key in any information at all, even if you have clicked onto these emails because authentic tracking emails from FedEx & DHL will never ask you to submit information to them!
  2. The effortless method – Consider using AI-driven email security gateway such as the SpamZetta! SpamZetta removes phishing email from your Inbox, including those fake emails from FedEx & DHL! SpamZetta works on ANY email server so you do not need to move your email hosting service over to SecureAX if you want to protect yourself from FedEx & DHL phishing email.

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