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Resource scalability and flexibility on private off-premise clouds or our public cloud platform.

Linux Cloud Server

Our Linux Cloud Servers are high performance and affordable virtual private machine for those who are serious with the hosting platform. We use only the latest Dell PowerEdge servers with Dual Intel Xeon processors, 15k RPM SAS disks or SSD Disks, hardware RAID10 and dual power supply units for the best performance and reliability.

    • Basic Managed Services – All the plans come with Basic Management service with optional upgrade to Fully Managed solution
    • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed – High reliability servers and network ensuring that your virtual machine is always connected and running round-the-clock.
    • Daily Snapshot Backup – Snapshot backup (for disaster recovery only) on all virtual machines will be done on daily basis and stored on our network attached storage server.

  • Premium Bandwidth – We peer with multiple global Tier-1 providers on redundant router & switches. By employing BGP4 routing protocol, we deliver the best network performance, uptime and redundancy to you.

Linux SATA SG Server

  • 1 coreprocessor
  • 4GBmemory
  • 100GBSATA disk
  • 1000GBbandwidth
  • 1IP Address

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  • 2 coreprocessor
  • 8GBmemory
  • 150GBSATA disk
  • 1500GBbandwidth
  • 1IP Address

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  • 4 coreprocessor
  • 16GBmemory
  • 200GBSATA disk
  • 2000GBbandwidth
  • 1IP Address

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  • 6 coreprocessor
  • 24GBmemory
  • 250GBSATA disk
  • 2500GBbandwidth
  • 1IP Address

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  • 8 coreprocessor
  • 32GBmemory
  • 300GBSATA disk
  • 3000GBbandwidth
  • 1IP Address

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