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Jeremy Khoo

Due to our high traffic volume, servers were constantly overwhelmed. That’s before we found SecureAX, and now we are in good hands! Our site has never performed better, and the service is top notch! Well worth every cent.

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Dan Pearson
Partner | CT4 Pty Ltd

SecureAX is the service provider of choice to CT4 Singapore operations. CT4 has utilized SecureAX Singapore based services for 2 years, SecureAX has provided the onsite IT & datacenter services essential to operating an effective cloud based operations business. CT4 recommends SecureAX to any customer looking for a datacenter operations partner.

Client - Kiat
Kiat Lim
Managing Director | Pixel Onion Pte Ltd

With SecureAX, I can sleep peacefully at night without having to worry about my server going down. They’ll know it before me, always.