Managed Email Marketer

Ensuring your email campaign reaches the most audience
Our all-in-one email marketing software allows you to create, schedule, send, track and maintain your mailing list with ease of mind. It also include powerful tools that allow you to automate your marketing by following up and customer feedback loop

Key Features

Email Templates
Choose from dozen of email template to get you started on creating your first email campaigns.

Easy WYSIWYG Editing
Use the in-built WYSIWYG editor to edit your email campaigns design. You can even import your current email templates to the system easily without having to re-design your email template. Your designer can just copy+paste into the editor to reuse the current template

Automated Un-subscribes Management
If you have customer who want to get off your list? Let the system manage this automatically such that both yourself and the subscribers have a peace of mind.

Automated Bounce processing
If you have bad email address in your list, let the system manage this bounced emails (both soft and hard) automatically. This would means that your list is always clean. This will also ensure that your IP is clean and comply to the bulk sender rules of major email service provider.

Duplicate Email
Prevent duplicate email campaigns to your subscriber even if you send to multiple mailing list contact. This will ensure that your subscriber only receive your campaigns once.

Scheduled Mailing
You can use this feature to send out targeted campaigns to reach out to your audience at a specific timing. For example, send email to entice them for an early breakfast promotion or end of the day promotion.

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