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Retail & Commerce sectors are a growing market in the South East Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam. The rapid development of this sector made e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar retail shop business owners utilise cloud services to reach out to their market and to enhance customer loyalty.

Cloud Services for Retail & Commerce

Industry Expectations
All our e-Commerce customers expect their online shopping websites run 24x7x365 with minimal downtime as the profitability of their business and stickiness of customers depend solely on the reliability of their virtual asset. Clearly, a highly reliable and robust uptime infrastructure is required for the success of their business.

One of the popular and successful marketing strategies used by e-Commerce websites today are flash sales. Conducting flash sales could generate a sudden surge in the influx of web traffic to the e-Commerce website and it is imperative to ensure that the website is accessible and can cope with this web traffic during the promotional period. This is when the customer expects flexibility and scalability in the cloud service to cope with this demand. Ideally the database should also be optimised to give the best performance such that the visitors will not be turned off by the slow or laggy website speed.

For some of the prominent and successful e-Commerce websites we host, they became the target of cyberattacks. As such, sufficient protection against these attacks are very important. Proactively patched system, hardened servers and frequent security audit couple with Web Application Firewall are the essential security measures that could be adopted.

In order to encrypt data transmission and to protect every online shopper’s identity, e-Commerce customers require good SSL Certificates to protect the transaction data between the user’s computer and the server where the e-Commerce website is hosted. The use of SSL Certificate brings trust among online shoppers and enhances the online branding and presence of the e-Commerce website.

As every e-Commerce operator strives to build their own loyal customer base, the use of the right Email Marketer software to keep these customers informed with the latest development, newest product release and the best promotion is important. The right Email Marketer ensures that the success rate of email delivered is close to 100%, manages the email subscriber list efficiently and provides insight reports for the email campaigns.

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