Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing sector is a key market for us especially in Thailand. Be it Japanese-based, American-based or European-based manufacturing companies, we have the right cloud services to help improve their productivity while at the same time optimise the cost of their infrastructure.

Cloud Services for Manufacturing

Industry Expectations
Most of our customers from Manufacturing sector have operations running 24x7x365. The infrastructure typically comprise of a mission critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) server that could be simultaneously accessed by several hundred staff connecting from local, regional and global offices. The ERP server serves as the backbone to the operations therefore there is zero room for error or outage for this critical application.

Depending on the scale of operation, some customers adopt Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system within their manufacturing facilities. These PLC systems are typically products of Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, ABB and General Electrics. All the production records are typically archived for fault traceability purposes & compliance to manufacturing standards.

Due to the nature of business, the manufacturing sector faces greater fire risk inherent to its own operations which could be handling with flammable material or there are fire hazard operations within the perimeter of its operations. Hence, Disaster Recovery is of a great importance to protect the data and enhance the business continuity of our customers in the manufacturing industry.

Last but not least, every manufacturing plant stores weeks or months of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footages typically within their premise. These CCTV footages are clearly not handled in the best practice because the data is stored within the same location where risk is high. A cheap and offsite location is preferred.

Our Solutions

  • Managed Cloud Servers with Cloud Direct Connect which replaces the existing on-premise server room, enabling them to outsource the auxiliary infrastructure activity to us
  • Supporting Modbus and Profibus protocols for PLC systems in their production data acquisition process
  • Business Intelligence Tools and Applications to help them improve yield by minimising waste through better production data handling & interpretation.
  • Full suite of Disaster Recovery Services to protect against undesired disaster and data loss
  • Customised Cloud Servers with very cheap high density storage for the CCTV footage archival
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