Solutions for Healthcare

One of our key customers in the Healthcare industry is a quasi-government organisation which deals with lots of patient data written in paper forms that are to be digitised and archived for record & claim purposes.

Cloud Services for Healthcare

Industry Expectations
The ability to store big data cheaply and securely is the key focus in this industry. Conventional storage systems such as EMC and NetApp storage solutions are typically used by our Healthcare customers for production data but using these enterprise storage systems are too costly to be used for archival purposes. Whilst data have to be stored cheaply, there should not be any compromised performance in data retrieval. Therefore, storage system that is capable of performing auto-tiering and efficient in handling hot data is needed.

Some of the patients’ and medical records have to be made accessible by medical professionals from external locations. The ability to grant access to viewing these records while at the same time restrict the unauthorised download of these data is the paradigm complexity in data handling in Healthcare industry.

For non-sensitive applications typically Web-based Appointment Systems, Patient Billing and Feedback Systems, these have to be hosted on a platform that is running round-the-clock. Ideally, the infrastructure has to support a moderately high web traffic depending on the scale of the healthcare institution.

Our Solutions

  • Managed Software Defined Storage (SDS) fully scalable offered as cloud services or on-premise setup
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for authorised persons to access highly sensitive and confidential data through a secured manner
  • Full range of Managed Cloud Servers for operational needs such as billing, patient feedback system, to name a few.
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