Solutions for Finance

Finance sector is a key market for us especially in Singapore. Our ISO27001 certified, Tier III certified and PCI DSS compliant facility in Singapore & Thailand offer us a highly distinguished competitive edge to support our customers in the finance sector.

Cloud Services for Finance

Industry Expectations
Our customers from the finance sector typically have strict policy in data control and flow of information has to be managed appropriately. The services adopted are typically centered around IT Policy and User Log Archival, be it for our cloud services or their on-premise needs.

Additionally, high performance servers are also needed for real-time, delayed or End Of Day (EOD) data processing. These are typically large amount of data fed from the data provider. Clearly, the latency between the servers and data provider in Singapore or Thailand has to be minimal as well.

Our customers from Finance sector have very strong demand for robust Enterprise Email Server. The enterprise email server of their choice is usually Microsoft Exchange protected by good Antivirus and Antispam Gateway.

Our Solutions

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