SecureAX to expand to Malaysia & Philippines and enhance service offerings

Following the recent merger & acquisition, SecureAX is pleased to announce that a series of reorganisation shall take place in the coming months, which includes the incorporation of its overseas entities in Malaysia and the Philippines.

In addition to that, the company’s more holistic cloud services shall include the following:

  • Hosting & Infrastructure services: SecureAX’s core fully managed cloud computing and hosting services
  • Business App services: SecureAX’s cloud-based business applications targeted at businesses of all sizes within the region
  • Digital Marketing services: Turnkey digital marketing services that enable in-depth overhaul of customers’ digital assets for better ranking and visibility over Google search engine and popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


Singapore Cloud Provider, SecureAX acquires cloud solutions expert EN-Singapore

SecureAX is pleased to announce the acquisition of EN-Singapore, a cloud hosting & digital marketing solutions provider in Singapore for an undisclosed amount. It is a Google Partner and currently serves around 2000 public & private companies, including government and quasi-government entities in Singapore.

EN-Singapore was established in 1999 as one of the pioneers of web hosting and domain name registration service providers in Singapore. Post year 2000 dot-com bubble, it foresaw Google as the only search engine to monopolise the industry therefore it helped the customers increase their online sales by becoming the early adopters of Google search engine optimization & marketing (SEO & SEM) and Google Adwords campaign management services. Before Facebook and Instagram became prominent, EN-Singapore was able to capitalise on social media marketing services too. By staying at the frontier of digital marketing technologies, some of the clients who trusted EN-Singapore for the past 20 years have prospered and grown successfully within the region.

“For close to a decade, SecureAX has been working closely with EN-Singapore to provide end-to-end cloud solutions to our common customers, with SecureAX’s role on backend IT infrastructure while EN-Singapore’s role is more on customer-centric cloud & digital marketing solutions. The synergy is already there so the acquisition made perfect sense to us when the London parent company of EN-Singapore decided to divest out of the ASEAN cloud solutions business,” said Michael Foo, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of SecureAX Pte Ltd.

“Let’s imagine an entrepreneur wishes to digitise his business and products online. Instead of dealing with a software development house to create the website and smartphone app, a cloud provider to size & scale the infrastructure and another digital marketing agency to run the marketing campaigns, the entrepreneur can now speak to one of our consultants. We would deliver the complete, working cloud solution by the stipulated timeline while the entrepreneur focuses on his business. Gone are vendor miscommunications, budget overrun, technical hurdles and project management hassle faced by the same entrepreneur,” Michael further elaborated.

Following the acquisition, SecureAX further strengthens its position as the leading cloud provider in Singapore, providing end-to-end cloud solutions in the likes of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as Managed Colocation and Cloud Servers in Singapore; Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS); Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS); Digital Marketing and Cloud Apps Development services. Clearly for any companies seeking to enhance their online or mobile presence, the end-to-end cloud solution enables SecureAX to serve in any, if not the entire cloud value chain.


SecureAX reiterates support for Singapore Children Society’s 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need (1000E)

1000E Logo - Participating Enterprise 2015

The following article was extracted from the internal circulation of SecureAX, with permission from the author.

Dear Colleagues,
Caric and myself are pleased to announce the company’s continual effort to support the Singapore Children Society’s 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need (1000E). The 1000E is a fund-raising programme that aims to encourage small, medium and large companies to engage in corporate philanthropy by pledging their donation to Singapore Children’s Society annually.

When our company hit the first significant financial milestone last year, we decided that SecureAX should be committed to corporate social responsibility. We spent a considerable amount of time hunting for the suitable organisation for our long term commitment and finally decided to settle with The Children’s Society. We admire the Children Society’s vision and mission because they are really meaningful to us.

As most of you would recall that Caric and my first few business ventures prior to the incorporation of SecureAX took place while we were still students at schools, and though we had fair share of business failures, we consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have learned and gained the experiences along the way, not to mention the blessing we had from our parents who generously invested their monies on our first Personal Computers (which in the 90s PCs are rather unaffordable, mind you) and because of our PCs, we became connected, developed the knowledge & skills to computing as well as opened the window of business opportunities to us, as one of the early Internet adopters.

Unfortunately we are fully aware that not many kids have the luxury and privilege we both enjoyed, even by today’s standard. Statistics from UNICEF reveal that millions of children around the world miss out their childhood as a result of poverty, and they are more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, violence, discrimination and stigmatization. Bringing the context back to Singapore, our children are victims of bully, abuse and neglect. Supporting the 1000E became our stepping stone to rendering our support within our reach.

While we are all driven to grow the company and to achieve our business goals, we believe that running a sustainable company does require our devotion to becoming socially responsible. In the years to come, we hope to be more involved in Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, especially with the participation from our new colleagues in Thailand, to help the local children’s community which is even more deprived of the basic necessity kids typically need. We will be helping the children in Thailand as early as next year!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, let us ensure proportional contribution back to the society with respect to our company’s success!

Last but not least, we thank you for your contribution joining us in volunteering activities organised by the company!

Thank you for making this a wonderful company for all of us!

Michael Foo
SecureAX Co-Founder