Microsoft Exchange

No more messy servers and management for Microsoft Exchange. We help you host and manage everything on your Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Server

Exchange Email Server is Microsoft’s most popular email server which integrates tightly with Outlook software commonly used in office environments. It features the ability to extend the email and collaboration feature to Instant Message and Peer to Peer Video Chat with Hosted Microsoft Lync.

With the easy to use, web-based Exchange admin center, our customers have the choice of either managing the powerful capabilities, including data loss prevention and user mailboxes themselves, or our Engineers can do this on their behalf. Using the feature of Exchange archiving, large mailboxes, and retention policies, your users can keep important data in one place and you can take full control of your company’s IT compliance demands.

Get rid of your on-premise Exchange server and use our fully scalable and managed Hosted Exchange Mail Server with Active Directory synchronization to streamline your business operations today!

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Hosted Exchange Server

S$12/User per mo
Exchange 300
  • 100-300mailboxes
  • 4 coreprocessor
  • 4GBmemory
  • 500GBdisk
  • Unmeteredbandwidth
  • FREE Exchange Enterprise

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S$10/User per mo
Exchange 600
  • 300-600mailboxes
  • 6 coreprocessor
  • 8GBmemory
  • 1000GBdisk
  • Unmeteredbandwidth
  • FREE Exchange Enterprise

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S$8/User per mo
Exchange 1500
  • 600-1500mailboxes
  • 8 coreprocessor
  • 16GBmemory
  • 2000GBdisk
  • Unmeteredbandwidth
  • FREE Exchange Enterprise

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