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Infrastructure Management

SecureAX manages numerous IT system infrastructure for small-medium enterprises, corporations, government & quasi-government entities. By moving your on-premise server room to the cloud platform, you can delegate the responsibility of Infrastructure Management to us, thereby allowing you to focus in growing your business and achieving your mission statements.

Here is a list of solutions we deployed for our clients:

  • Corporate Email & Archiving Server (Singapore Government compliance)
  • Private High Availability Web/Email & Database Server
  • Network Operation Center for large ISP (Networking Monitoring Devices)
  • Secured environment for Smartphone Apps (B2B Customer Relationship Management)

Our Infrastructure Management services typically include the following scopes: 

  • Holistic Infrastructure Management - SecureAX management plans include hardware diagnosis and resolving issues related to the operation of the server. The network status is also consistently probed. Where replacement of hardware is required, SecureAX shall arrange competent engineer to carry out the duty at the datacenter. 
  • Proactive System Patching & Monitoring - We patch your operating system & commonly installed software software (such as WordPress, Joomla, to name a few) within 24 hours of a critical upgrade release. We will issue security advisory and may issue emergency 24 hours maintenance notice to your server if the upgrade is deemed highly dangerous.
  • Control Panel Management - We provide technical support & evaluate new feature releases for stability reasons and will upgrade you to the latest control panel version ensuring that you have the most up-to-date feature for your management needs.
  • Backup Management - We provide daily backup services for your data protection. Spotchecks will be done on the backup files in ensuring the integrity of data. Compression technology will be used to conserve disk utilisation. When needed, retention backup can be arranged.
  • Windows & Linux Server Management - We are able to help you manage your Windows and Linux-based systems either on contractual full management or ad-hoc based support. The scope of work usually covers server monitoring, backend software upgrades, upgrade of control panels, system administration, backup management, fault troubleshooting, to name a few.
  • Windows & Linux Server Provisioning - We understand how tedious it is to provision and commission a new server. Therefore, you can leave the hassle to us by telling us your requirement and we will then customise the initial server setup to accommodate to your operational needs.
  • Server Migration - SecureAX is able to provide low-to-zero server migrations with strategic planning with our customers. By employing our own migration techniques, we are able to minimise your server migration downtime and at the same time monitor your system activities to ensure that nothing breaks in the post-migration period.
  • Server Optimization - Are you expecting a surge in your web traffic or resource requirement by new applications? Or your website is gaining large amount of traffic lately? We can help you to assess your present infrastructure capabilities and bottlenecks and optimise the system for you to cater to these increased workload.


Key Benefits:

  • Hands-off passive approach for owning IT infrastructure, knowing that SecureAX team will take full care of the hardware & backend software 
  • Complete backup management enhances response to any disasters, ensuring that all important data stay in-tact at all times
  • Better value can be delivered by in-house IT team, by outsourcing routine IT infrastructure management tasks to SecureAX
  • Greater financial control over IT infrastructure expenses by converting from on-premise CAPEX model to OPEX model in the datacenter
  • Faster turnaround time in the event of hardware breakdown as SecureAX datacenters are manned 24x7x365


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