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Data Center & Network

Peer connectivity

Tier 1 provider such as:

Local ISP Providers


  • Telin Changi, Singapore
  • Equinix, Singapore
  • M1, Singapore
  • Telecom Center Building, Los Angeles, USA
  • Singtel EXPAN, Singapore
  • True IDC, Bangkok, Thailand


  • 1+1 UPS Battery Backup with load balance with 1 hour battery banks (full load)
  • 1+1 AC  1MVA Power Generator with auto-start and switch-over


  • 8 CRAC Cooling Unit


  • 24x7 On-Security Personnel.
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Biometric and RFID access doors
  • Facilities and environment online monitoring system


  • Automatic fire and smoke detector with FM-200 Fire Suppression System (3 layers)
  • Integrated with DECAM Fire Monitoring System via GSM and phone line
  • Under raised floor water detection system

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